June 16, 2017
Hours: 9am to 5pm Admission Price: $5.95 (3yr and up) Farm Conditions: Weather rainy Fields wet Country StoreApples: No apples
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Welcome to Centurion Enterprises, LLC

Welcome to the Centurion Enterprises, LLC website.  We hope to be able to write meaningful posts from time to time that would be of benefit to you as a client or potential client of StudioSR, LLC and Centurion Enterprises, LLC.

Take a look around and see if something can be beneficial to you.

Using the iPad WordPress App

HOw now brown cow. The cow jumped over the moon.

What Is A CMS?

CMS is the abbreviation for Content Management System.  A content management system is a way for the user to organize, control and display, or publish, different kinds of information with one software package. What”s the difference between a blog and CMS?  A blog is a simplified form of CMS.  You are generally only dealing with […] Read More

Rewrite Using .htaccess

There are some sites where the need to secure the data being sent back and forth is paramount.  This type of site would use an SSL certificate to secure but what is the key to forcing the user who types in the url using http:// to always go to the secure server? I found that […] Read More